Wedding Showcase


We want to invite our friends, followers and fans to start submitting wedding photos.  If you are interested in having your real wedding featured on Cocoa Belle Events, please email me at vanessa{at}cocoabelleevents{dot}com and include the following:

  • Your name/Your fiance or husband’s name/Wedding date and location
  • A short description of your wedding and your inspirations. Tell us about any do-it-yourself projects you incorporated into your wedding details and how you infused your own sense of style into your big day.
  • A list of wedding vendors (photographers, catering companies, florists, etc.).  Photographers are especially important to include so we can give proper photo credit if we choose to publish your event. 
  • A series of 10-15 of your favorite wedding photos. Photos should be submitted as jpg’s or via a web link. Please be mindful of our email server and yours, and send larger photos in smaller groupings. If you are interested in submitting photos via DVD, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing your submissions.


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