Why hire a wedding coordinator?


Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator


Q.  I have a small wedding budget, so hiring a wedding coordinator is not feasible, right?

A.  Actually, not exactly.  Wedding planners aren’t magicians but his/her specialties will help you in finding great vendors that marry your budget (no pun intended) and often bring original ideas to the table.  Every situation is different.  So ask yourself a couple questions…

1.  Is your wedding complicated in that it’s becoming large and elaborate? 

2.  Are you planning a destination wedding or planning your wedding from a distance?

3.  Are you far from being a multi-tasker?  

4.  Do you get stressed out easily or get overwhelmed with a lot of decision-making?

5.  Do you have a family (or in-laws) that like to stir the pot or argue for the sake of arguing?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you probably should consider hiring a wedding coordinator.  Here are the top 10 reasons you should hire a coordinator:

1.  Suggest vendors and venues.

2.  Accompany you to appointments and manage the flow of each meeting.

3.  Help you create and stick to a budget.

4.  Translate vendor contracts so they actually make sense to you.

5.  Keep planning organized and on-track.

6.  Provide you with useful tools and original ideas to make your day memorable.

7.   Serve as a third party mediator to settle any arguments related to the wedding details.

8.  Access fabulous linens and table top decor for a reasonable cost.

9.  Give you a safety pin on your wedding day when your bustle breaks.

10.  Manage last minute, stressful details that arise on the day of the event.

One response to “Why hire a wedding coordinator?

  1. Great post Vanessa, I especially like no. 9 on why. Every bride needs a person(that isn’t a member of the party or family) to help when little or big things go wrong. I wish I’d had you eleven years ago!

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