The Meaning of Flowers

As event planners, we’re always trying to customize an event and really make it a reflection of the individuals involved. Flowers are one way to do that if you pay attention to the meaning behind the flowers you choose.  We preface this post by noting that all cultures have different beliefs and sometimes the meaning of flowers differs by nation, by culture, through history.

We’ll start with our absolute favorite flower–the Peony. We were pleased to know that the peony has very positive meaning. It is a deeply rooted plant, and therefore, many suggest the flower enhances the power of a promise.  In other cultures, the peony symbolizes prosperity.

Orchid. Did you know there are over 25,000 species of orchid? It’s no wonder the orchid stands for ecstasy.  It’s simple and elegant and we’re confident you won’t go wrong when using orchids at an event, or giving them as a gift.

Rosemary. Rosemary is for rememberance, which is why many use it in weddings and events to remember those who could not be present for their special day.

Gerbera. Otherwise known as “Gerber Daisies” suggest eduring purity.  And they’re hearty too–sometimes lasting up to three weeks in a vase with water.

Lily. The lily has been highly regarded in many cultures and was a favorite of many goddesses of the Western world. It represents youthful innocence.

Dahlia. We were dissapointed to hear that the dahlia doesn’t have a very positive meaning.  It’s a fickle flower–difficult to grow, and often doesn’t survive. Therefore, it’s been known to suggest instability. However, because of its immense beauty and size–this bloom is still a big favorite.

Jasmine. In Italy, this flower is very popular because a servant for the legendary Medici family was said to have stolen a sprig of jasmine from his master to give to his bride. At the time, by law, only the duke was allowed to grow jasmine. So many Italian brides today wear jasmine in their hair to bring good luck.

Gardenia. Oh, the gardenia…one of our eternal favorites…not only because of its beautiful aroma, but because it represents feminine grace, subtlety, and artistry. What could be better?

Red Rose. Many of you can probably guess the meaning of the red rose.  Pure and simple–deep and passionate love.

Hydrangea. Many say this flower represents boastfulness. Bummer! It’s because it produces such enormous blooms but no fruit. This doesn’t change our opinion of this luscious flower, though.

Honeysuckle. The Victorians were right when they coined this flower representative of the bonds of love. They did so because of its twining nature. And you can’t beat its sweet summer scent.

Tulip. Not that it’s anything like the rose, but a red tulip actually symbolizes declaration of love, which is quite similar in meaning. And even better–to give a yellow tulip is to declare your love hopelessly and utterly.

Sunflower. POWER. That’s what it means, and that’s what we think it evokes on its own or in bunches and fields.  It’s cheery and representative of the sun itself.

Whether you give flowers, receive them, or utilize them to create mood at your event, flowers speak for themselves. They evoke our most cherished feelings and they bring life to a room. We hope knowing what these flowers symbolize will give more meaning to your events.

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