Color Matters

It’s true. Color says so much without saying a thing. And this season, color is all around. Here are a couple of tid bits about the use of color at an event.

  • Pick colors that speak to you. Especially if the event you’re planning is a reflection of you (i.e. your wedding).
  • Don’t be affraid of color, or afraid to mix colors.
  • Don’t pick too many colors for your event. Pick about two colors that you’d like to use as “primary” event colors (example-for linens). Then select a few other colors that go well with your selected primary color (example-for floral/decor).
  • In the event world, white and black and grey are equally as important as the brighter colors of a rainbow.

A few combos I’m loving for Spring/Summer:

  • Grey, white and brilliant canary yellow. A bit mod, but so crisp and classic.
  • Shades of purple and red. Some say they clash…I think they’re dashing together.
  • Navy blue and/or jade green (and not necessarily together). These colors are bold and striking. They make a statement but don’t ever go out of fashion–especially when paired with white.
  • Pale pink and beige–like Christian Louboutin’s fabulous shoe color I had to have! These soft tones are so subtle and elegant, you cannot go wrong.

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