Blogging for the first time.

Hello world! I’m ecstatic. I’m finally blogging for the first time. Cocoa Belle Events is entering the social media, blogging atmosphere. It’s about time, I’d say! Stay tuned for more updates on events, interesting articles, new trends and photos.

4 responses to “Blogging for the first time.

  1. Hi Vanessa. Love the new blog. Can’t wait to keep reading. We’ve added a link from your home page.

    • cocoabelleevents

      Steven, thanks! So just curious…when I clicked on “about” or “events” or “contact us” (basically any other tab BESIDES “home” on my website, the “blog” tab went away. So basically, if I got off the homepage, the blog tab would disappear…???

  2. Love your blog and we just started this week as well. Great minds think alike!!!

  3. The links should all be working now. I had just posted a temporary link to get you started.

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